The Soldatnes salmon fishing beat

The Soldatnes salmon fishing beat is located on The Lakselva River in the local community of Porsanger in Norway, in the upper part of zone 2. The beat has varied and very interesting fishing water with adequate water flow through this entire stretch of the river. The current along this great stretch of water is very well suited for fly-fishing. Soldatnes is regarded by many anglers as one of the best salmon beat on the Lakselva. The beat can be fished by a maximum of four rods, which can be shared by those who visit Soldatnes. Throughout the beat it is possible to cover all holding spots with a double-handed fly rod or a switch rod without any need for deep wading. Almost all holding spots can be covered effectively with short casts of 20-25 meters, as most taking spots are found around the rocks in the deep channel close to the Soldatnes bank.

Soldatnes is an important spawning area. There is almost no regular spawning gravel with pebbles throughout the stretch, but instead mostly fist-sized rocks and larger. Only large salmon spawn here, and it shows from the catch records. In 2012 the average weight of Soldatnes beat salmon was 7.2 kg for 78 salmon, while for the entire Lakselva the average weight that year was just 6.3 kg. Some anglers want anonymous reporting of catches. Therefore all salmon have been reported anonymously since 2012 (2012 catches can be seen here-choose year 2012 on the dropdown menu). Almost all beats on the Lakselva are single bank fishing. This is also the case for Soldatnes, and thus one may see anglers fishing from the opposite bank. When having a good dialogue and by following the normal rules of merging this should not lead to any conflicts. Soldatnes Salmon Fishing Beat is ”Fly-only”.


For a number of years, the Lakselva has been at the very top of the list in Norway for average size of landed salmon. Over 40% of landed salmon are MSW (multi sea winter) salmon over 7 kg. In the latter years more than 40% of the reported salmon from Lakselva have been caught in zone 2, and a substantial number of these have been caught on private beats such as Soldatnes. The largest reported salmon from Lakselv during the fishing season in 2011 was caught by Nick Lloyd in the Stueneskulpen (or Stuenes Pool), which is the uppermost pool on Soldatnes. The salmon measured 137 cm, and was rather modestly estimated at 25 kg, before it was carefully released back into the river.

Some days you have to work so hard just to get a grab, and other days salmon fishing seems so easy. Lakselva is not a “large number river”. But it is here you have the chance of catching the fish of a lifetime. So do not expect catches of 4-5 salmon per day even though it can occur.

About me

I was born in Copenhagen in year 1968 and 50 years later a big dream came true. I became the owner of one of the best salmon fishing beats in Lakselva. Besides chasing salmon, I do a lot of sea trout fishing in Denmark. I live in Vejle near some of the best sea trout streams in the country. That means a lot of nights with nearly no sleep during the summer run of the sea trout. Besides fishing, I enjoy the life as a married man and being a father of 4 wonderful children. I am a chemical engineer and have the occupation as a board member that enables me to get insight of both immune therapy to cure cancer, heterogeneous catalysis and the real estate business. But I have to admit it’s the salmon fly fishing that causes my heart to beat the fastest!

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